ExpenseWatch.com Pricing and Support Advantage

The more your company manages spending with ExpenseWatch.com, the greater your return on investment.

ExpenseWatch.com is priced to give you maximum value for your software investment, while minimizing costs. In fact, our pricing actually incents your company to use us. The more your company manages spending with ExpenseWatch.com, the greater your return on investment.

We start by making our annual subscriptions all inclusive. Everything you need to get your company up and running is included. No nickel and diming, no uncertainty over how much our solution will really cost, even as your usage increases and you really understand the features you need. ExpenseWatch.com includes:

  • All capabilities, features and functions of the modules to which you subscribe
  • Implementation services
  • Training services for all users
  • Support services for all users
  • Usage analysis
  • All product updates

Next our pricing is based upon the number of active subscriptions you have—not the number of transactions processed each month or how many “licensed seats or named users” you have. Your price is the same no matter how many expense reports a business traveler files, or how many purchase requests an employee submits, or how many invoices an accounts payable clerk processes in a given month.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

As our customer, we believe you are our strongest partner and understand that our success is dependent on exceeding your expectations. When you partner with us, our goal is to enable you to work with one customer satisfaction engineer throughout the life of your partnership. From implementation and training through to support you will work with one person, ensuring your interactions with us leverage all of the information we know about you in the most efficient way possible.

Your customer satisfaction engineer is your partner should you require any of the custom services we offer to enhance your company’s use of the system. We can also actively partner with you to monitor and manage your company’s use of the system and work with you to fine-tune the number of active subscriptions that is best for your business.

ExpenseWatch.com Pricing and Support Advantage

When you compare ExpenseWatch.com’s all-inclusive pricing with transaction-based pricing methods, you’ll quickly see the difference. Transaction-based pricing works counter to the efficiencies you achieve through automation—the more you transact, the more you are charged.

ExpenseWatch.com’s pricing advantage truly aligns with the benefits of automating company spending processes and increasing efficiencies. We invite you to take a closer look. We are sure you will find that ExpenseWatch.com offers the most cost-effective approach to comprehensive business expense management.

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“We give ExpenseWatch.com Customer Satisfaction a ten out of ten. Implementation and training were smooth and efficient. Ongoing support has been fabulous, especially as we made transitions and upgrades with our finance technology infrastructure. The team is responsive, personable and genuinely interested in our success using the ExpenseWatch.com system.”

Ashlee Phillips,
Accountant & Office Manager


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