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If You Are Like Most Organizations

Every organization is focused on two primary objectives every day; maximizing their revenues or donations, and minimizing or controlling their spending. We focus on your spending. At ExpenseWatch, we understand that organizations must spend money in order to function, but as organizations grow, and more individuals play a role in organizational spending, existing processes are strained.


Our Objective

Our objective is to Empower our customers to Spend with Confidence through the knowledge that their spending processes are as efficient as possible, while providing the visibility to spending needed and the policy enforcement required. We know that when we do our job well; our customers can stay focused on what they do well.


Our Solutions

For these organizations, we offer products that provide automation, visibility and control for one or more spending process, including:

  • Expense Reporting,
  • Purchasing,
  • Payable Invoices.
  • Complete Spend Management

Our offerings can be used as a standalone solution to optimize a specific spend process in your organization, or together as a complete spend management suite for all spending.


Empowering People

We also understand that people within a company perform different roles in facilitating spending and have different motivations. Therefore, our solutions are developed with the features necessary to Empower individuals by the specific role they play.

  • Empower Submitters to quickly create and submit spend transactions with documentation
  • Empower Approvers to effectively make informed approval decisions
  • Empower Accounting to efficiently facilitate payment of spend obligations
  • Empower Executives to analyze spending and trust that policy is being enforced
  • Empower Administrators to flexibly configure and manage the solution to suit their business

What Would You Need to Get Started?
It’s simple: A web browser and an interest to automate at least one spending process. Because ExpenseWatch is accessed over the Internet, you won’t need any IT resource or installed software. Your employees using the system can access it through a web browser and their smartphone.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

The Company

ExpenseWatch was founded in 2000, released the first version of its spend management service in 2003 and currently manages almost $3 Billion in annual spend transactions on behalf of its customers. The company is privately held with headquarters in Plymouth Meeting, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Sales and Information
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Technical Support


(P) 866.399.2824


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Corporate Headquarters

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