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Approve Spending with Confidence with Empowered Approvals


Whatever else they do, managers everywhere have something in common: They make decisions, often many times a day. They are usually required to approve/disapprove things in their organization – from job requisitions to expense reports, travel plans, annual budgets, and even employee compensation.

Not surprisingly, managers want to maximize their efficiency and stay focused on their work. The last thing they want to do is waste time chasing down the information they need to make the right decisions.

Some decisions are easier than others. When it comes to the accounts payable process, however, there are often bottlenecks waiting for a manager to approve something.

Managers are often not equipped with the tools needed to approve purchase requests, invoices and expense reports. Often times it is difficult for them to see if spending is within company policy or how the request to spend money will impact departmental budgets.

ExpenseWatch makes this entire process easier with Empowered Approvals, which transforms how managers approve spending, no matter what type of spending transaction they are approving, including expense reports, purchase requests and payable invoices. Empowered Approvals lets an approver easily configure the system, access the information they need, and confidently approve spending. These new configurable interfaces give anyone who has to approve transactions the power to make informed decisions.

It is very easy to configure what and how the approval information is presented, offering flexibility for each approver and every organization. Any manager responsible for approvals can configure what they want to see in one view, so they can quickly make approvals. If closer inspection is required one can easily drill down into select transactions.


  • Receive an email alerting them transactions are awaiting their approval. And it gets even better – once you are logged into the system, the Approval Inbox will give you topline summary information for each transaction that is awaiting review and approval.
  • Select the information fields they want to see in this summary view from numerous options: dollar amount, submitter name, transaction type, over budget, and it will even say whether comments or attachments are included.
  • Drag and drop selected columns in the order they prefer to see.
  • Sort transactions by column headings.
  • Create tabs, each to include the information approvers need to make informed approval decisions.
  • Approve more than one transaction at once by leveraging the bulk Quick Approve function (if turned on as an option for your company).
  • Drill down into a transaction to view its details via the transaction detail screen; users can also select and order which columns appear in this detail view.
  • Sort the line items by column headings and drill down on item details.
  • Configure information for printing via the print view.
  • Another time saver is the ability to save partially reviewed transactions to complete later; they can add approvers on the fly; or set up delegate approvers to temporarily manage approvals.
  • Analytical reports can be run from the transaction detail screen to support approval decisions, such as a budget vs. actual report.

Approving Expense Reports
When it comes to approving expense reports, there is a “category view” which sorts the report by category spending, and there is also a “receipt view” so you can cycle through all the receipts that have been attached to the report at either the header or line item level.

Here are some of the other benefits for expense report approvers:

  • Approvers can look at the expense details right next to the receipt.
  • In the line item view, out-of-policy spending is flagged and approvers can approve or reject all line items, or approve and reject portions of a transaction line by line.

Finally, when the transaction is fully reviewed, a user can select the process button to forward approved items to the next person in their company who will be reviewing the information and/or send the rejected items back to the submitter for reworking.

To learn more about how you can empower your approvers to approve spending with confidence, fill in the form on the right and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly.

(Posted 4-14-15)

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