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Easily Create Expense Reports Using ExpenseWatch


Over the next few weeks, we are going to walk you through how an automated expense reporting system works, so you can see how your entire process from report creation and approval through to reimbursement can be managed electronically.

We are showing you how this works using our ExpenseWatch Expense Report module. You will be able to see how your employees are empowered to efficiently and effectively perform their role in the expense reporting process.

Our first post in this series will talk about how to create an expense report. You can watch this short video here, or read about how to create a report below.

By the time your submitters are ready to begin a new ExpenseWatch Expense Report, you will have already configured the level of control you need to manage the entire expense reporting process for your organization. Your submitters will appreciate all of the tools provided easily create, submit and track expense reports.

You begin a new expense report by clicking Submit an Expense Report from the Home tab, or you can click to the Expense Report Tab and start a report from here. You can also create and submit expense reports using ExpenseWatch Mobile, which we will discuss momentarily.

Here you name a report to start a new one, or you can select a report already in progress.

Blog Post 8-6-15

We start by integrating many of the data sources you use to capture expense information, such as credit card transactions and booked travel itineraries, and enable you to drag and drop these expenses to quickly build your report.

  • Personal and corporate credit card data – fill in the majority of the information required on a line item;
  • Integrated booked travel itineraries – provide supporting travel information and an ability to represent booked versus the actual expenses for a given trip.
  • Maps & Locations – automatically populate mileage reimbursements and record other trip details;
  • Expense line items – can be manually added to cover cash-out-of-pocket items such as cash tips.
  • Our mobile app – gives you all of the tools you will find in the online system to easily create and submit reports directly from your smartphone.
  • Credit card feeds and booked travel itineraries – can be used to populate expense reports.
  • And expense lines for cash-out-of-pocket items -can easily be added to a report.
  • Our mobile app includes a rapid-fire receipt capture that lets you easily capture and upload receipts to an ExpenseWatch Receipts queue for use later, whether you build expense reports with the mobile app or through logging into the online system. Additionally, if a user submits expense reports on your behalf, the delegate would have access to these receipts while creating your expense report.

    You can also attach receipts at the line item of a report using your smartphone.

  • In the online app, receipts can be attached – from your smartphone, or by fax, or scanning and browsing. When you use the online software, attachments can be made at the top of the expense report or on individual line items.
  • Visual policy cues – help you stay within company spending limits BEFORE you submit a report;
  • Multi-currency options – use current or historical conversion rates to match receipt date, depending upon how it is configured by your administrator;

You can allocate expenses across multiple departments, GLs or projects.

You file one report, even if there are multiple reimbursements, such as cash out of pocket or personal and corporate credit cards.

You can review your report by expense line items, categories, and print views.

You can save a report in progress to come back to later on, and you can easily check the status of approvals for previously submitted reports.

As a submitter, you will appreciate all of the tools available to you in ExpenseWatch that empower you to easily create and submit your expense reports.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog which will document how approvers can easily approve reports.

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(Posted 8-11-15)

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