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Efficiently Analyze Spending


This is the last in our walk-though series on how our automated expense reporting system works. In this blog post, we are focusing on the many reports available to analyze overall spending.

Feel free to either watch this short video here, or read about the topic below.

ExpenseWatch empowers executives with a window into all spending across your entire organization. At any time, you can view and analyze spending from a 360-degree perspective.

By all spending – we mean money that has been spent, as well as money waiting in the pipeline to be approved or spent.

By any time, we mean any day of any month or year you can get a real-time snapshot of where spending stands.

By 360-degree perspective, we mean looking at all spending from a summary level all the way down to interrogating individual transactions for money in any stage of an approval process.

Numerous standard reports are available with each subscription. An optional custom reporting module enables you to create custom reports and dashboards specific to the needs of your organization.

Blog Post 9-1-15

By automating your expense reporting processes, you’ll save time and money, while improving employee satisfaction, with faster approval times and quicker expense reimbursements.

You can empower budget owners in your organization to be accountable for the spending they manage.

With spending visibility, you can better negotiate with vendors, and provide better direction about how your employees can help your organization be more effective.

What’s more, you can trust that the controls and spending policies you put in place are being enforced.

With the visibility and control provided by automating spending with ExpenseWatch, you are empowered to manage your cash flow today and into the future. Not only can you stop spending before it causes serious cash flow problems; you can truly analyze spending to evaluate all areas where improvements can be made.

This concludes our series on ExpenseWatch Expense Reports, which lets your submitters easily create and submit expense reports, while providing approvers and managers with complete visibility and control.. This robust set of tools will fully empower you and your team to spend with confidence.

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(Posted 9-1-15)

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