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Let ExpenseWatch’s Custom Reporting Module Help Measure Your Company’s Spend


ExpenseWatch’s spend management software includes numerous pre-built reports that can help you gain visibility into your organization’s spending. These reports are especially invaluable to upper management for analyzing trends, and goals – for planning and budgeting purposes. However, over the years we have found that some customers prefer to measure and report on spending data differently than what is offered in our pre-packaged reports. This is why we also offer a custom reporting module and ExpenseWatch Professional Services to help organizations with unique requirements.

ExpenseWatch is often approached by customers from many different business categories, each with their own spend management challenges. It is our goal to help our clients cut out wasteful spending, help prevent employee expense fraud, and any number of other challenges.

For example, does your organization have a good expense policy set up? If not, ExpenseWatch can even help you create effective policies for preventing expense fraud.

Since yours and every business is unique, we offer a range of professional services that can be designed to enhance your company’s use of our spend management system. From scalable testing environments to customized reporting services, ExpenseWatch’s expert customer satisfaction team stands ready and available.

Many of our customers find they want additional reporting specific to their organization, but don’t have the time or resources to build and manage these dashboards and reports using the Custom Reporting Module. An ExpenseWatch customer satisfaction engineer can work with you and your team to determine the exact reports required, and decide the format and the frequency at which you’d like to receive the reports.

Our team takes the time to understand what information you are trying to obtain and works toward building a report that can provide it. We have created a number of custom reports, which include an Approval Behavior report that gives a snapshot of the approved transactions that moved through the system during a specific time. Another report is the Unprocessed Credit Card Charges, which displays all the charges that haven’t been accounting reviewed and what their status is. Also available are the Over Spend Limit and the T&E Accrual reports which both provide relevant information to help gain further insight into company spending.

These are just a few examples of what we have created for our customers in the past. After collaborating with your team, our team gets to work and builds out the dashboards and reports you need. ExpenseWatch will either enable your company to run the reports using our custom reporting module, or we will deliver these reports and dashboards to your email, whenever you wish to receive them — daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Testing Environment

It matters not how big or small you company is, or how many employees you have, once you have deployed ExpenseWatch, you’ll be introducing changes to your organization that can sometimes cause unexpected results. The ExpenseWatch Testing Environment creates an exact copy of your service configuration, enabling you to test any administrative changes before rolling them out to your users.

The benefits of the ExpenseWatch Testing Environment include:

  • Mock-up policy adjustments – secure general ledger changes to your approval workflow in the Signature Authority Form to see how transactions might behave under various criteria.
  • Determine the impact of new business configurations such as mergers, acquisitions or IPOs.
  • Test the integration of new accounting system rollouts.

You will always be supported by your Customer Satisfaction Engineer at ExpenseWatch. Knowledgeable about your company and the specific ExpenseWatch configuration designed for you, they can help troubleshoot and rectify any potential problems while in your testing environment.

Health Check

Just like any regular check-up, the ExpenseWatch Health Check evaluates the entire implementation of the ExpenseWatch spend management system. This includes everything, from your company’s usage of the system to an assessment of how spending policies and controls measure against your industry’s best practices. Everything will be checked.

These are just a few of the areas your ExpenseWatch Health Check will cover:

  • An analysis of usage, including login volume and trends by cost centers
  • A spend analysis review, which targets corporate cost cutting ideas to control expenses
  • Overall approvals assessment and best practice recommendations
  • The approval hierarchy (SAF) review, with best practice recommendations
  • A complete expense reporting policy review and assessment
  • Alerts for areas to keep an eye on in the future.

Once the ExpenseWatch Professional Services team has completed the custom analysis of your company’s needs, you will know exactly where you stand with recommended modifications. It is a great way to ensure the best use of the ExpenseWatch business processes so your spend management solution will be working at its best to save your company money, now and in the future.

To request a demo, fill in the form on the right and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

(Posted 6-16-15)

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