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Smartphone-dependent Population Engages Financial Process Automation to Complete Expense Reports


It is no secret that filling out expense reports can be a time-consuming, boring, even irritating part of business life. Nobody likes dealing with all the paper receipts and spreadsheets that have long defined how we get reimbursed for expenses.

Mobile expense reporting solutions enable professionals to capture and report expenses on the fly, or as they happen while they travel. No more waiting to deal with the headache of going through the entire expense reporting process upon their return. Managers can review the reports from anywhere, anytime and approve them within minutes.

According to a recent Pew Research’s study on smartphone use in 2015, almost two-thirds of Americans own and use a smartphone, many for business. Today’s smartphone-dependent population consists of professionals who are using their smartphones for activities that can include completing their expense reports, using apps like the new mobile feature from ExpenseWatch.com.

In fact, mobile functionality has almost become a requirement for businesses seeking to maintain a competitive advantage.

eMarketer reports that travelers prefer using their PCs over a smartphone to make flight or hotel travel arrangements. However, once on the road, corporate travelers need to be able to organize and record receipts for all their travel spending.

Travel & Expense Management (TEM) software with mobile integration enables efficiencies such as speed, productivity and better compliance to corporate expense policies. The traveling workforce can track, manage, approve and reimburse expenses. It also allows managers and business owners to analyze travel spending. Ultimately, you can increase your company’s operational efficiency while reducing costs by using business expense software.

ExpenseWatch’s new mobile app allows you to easily create, review, edit and route expense reports. It is easy to capture receipts, create and submit expense reports, and handle purchasing and payable invoices from your smartphone.

Our new mobile app lets you do transactions right from your smartphone with features including rapid fire receipt capture to upload receipts into the system. You can always add items to the report, using feeds from personal and or corporate credit card charges, and even cash spent out-of-pocket. Once completed, you can route the report for approvals.

ExpenseWatch’s mobile receipt capture feature is part of the new mobile app and can be used with both the mobile and online systems. This rapid fire receipt capture let’s users quickly capture receipt images to be used later when building out reports.

Once the report is created, it can be routed for approvals, and managers can easily and quickly approve any transaction. ExpenseWatch Mobile App is the mobile extension of the online software and requires an active ExpenseWatch subscription to use. For more information and to give ExpenseWatch mobile a try, fill out the form on the right and one of our experts will be in touch!

Posted (8-4-15)

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