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Transform Your Approvals with ExpenseWatch Empowered Approvals


You probably already know that spending can make or break your company. That’s why having the capability to quickly approve spending transactions company wide is so important to your bottom line. Our robust set of expense management tools have been designed to fully empower you and the executives in your organization make fast, accurate spending decisions.

No matter which automated ExpenseWatch module you are using or are thinking about purchasing, you will love adding Empowered Approvals so that you can customize and view information the way you want it!

From Quick Approvals to email alerts to multiple viewing options, ExpenseWatch’s Empowered Approvals further customizes expense reporting for your entire organization.

In fact, one of our customers is the YMCA of South Florida, one of the Miami area’s largest non-profit organizations, with an operating budget of more than $47 million it was a painfully slow and problematic process, usually taking a week or more for approvals. Paperwork would get lost, checks were not cut, and orders were never placed.

After ExpenseWatch helped the organization automate its purchasing process, approval times have been reduced from weeks to as short as 15 minutes if need be, and invoices are processed much faster. Here’s the entire case history showing the results.

YMCA Vice President Finance John Puleio said, “As a non-profit, we have to be meticulous with our spending. ExpenseWatch is absolutely reasonably priced. For what it has done for our organization, it is a really good deal.”

He also noted mentioned that the email notifications alerting approvers to transactions pending approvals has been a huge factor in speeding processes.

What’s more, using ExpenseWatch’s Empowered Approvers, you can customize your approval screen to your preferences, making it a cinch to review transaction history, analyze spending or even set up designated approvers when you’re out of the office.

ExpenseWatch developed the following infographic to illustrate the value our Empowered Approvals and to let you know exactly what you might be missing.

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If you would like to speak with one of our representatives to learn more about ExpenseWatch Empowered Approvals, then please fill out the form to the right, and we will contact you soon!

(Posted 9-15-15)

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