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New Research: How SMBs Can Manage Company Spend

The Time is Now for SMBs to Gain Control Over Their Spending, according to Ardent Partners in its new research on How Small and Midsized Organizations Can Manage Company Spend.

Yet, most small and midsized organizations only manage half of their spending, Ardent Partners reports. That’s leaving a lot to chance and opens a huge door for rogue spending to occur! At the same time, more than half of these organizations say the top pressure they face is identifying more cost savings or reductions.

Does this sound familiar? There’s good news:

Now is the time SMBs can gain strategic advantages by following the spend management recommendations and guidelines Ardent offers in this free white paper to take control of organizational spending.

As your organization grows, it’s harder to keep tabs on spending. More people spend on behalf of the organization and more money is being spent. Your spending processes cause bottlenecks and challenges and everyone involved becomes extremely frustrated.

The overwhelming reality for an SMB is that they must compete day-in and day-out, in a highly-competitive marketplace without the advantages of larger enterprise-size peers…and a spend management program is a critical key in unlocking additional value that can help them compete.” –Ardent Partners

In this free white paper, Ardent Partners offers a number of recommendations and insights into how you can better manage your organization’s spending and increase company value.

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