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Featured Testimonial – Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau

Greater Raleigh CVB Improves Productivity for
Employees and Efficiencies for the Entire Organization
with ExpenseWatch

“ExpenseWatch Customer Satisfaction spoils you for the kind of support one should expect from a vendor.”
Paula McChristian, Director of Finance & Human Resources

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Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau

We were also completely won over by the customer service demonstrated from the sales process, through to onboarding and ongoing support. The entire team took great care to really learn about our business and to support us on an ongoing basis. ExpenseWatch Customer Satisfaction spoils you for the kind of support one should expect from a vendor.”

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YMCA of South Florida

I would recommend ExpenseWatch to any YMCA, especially if it is manually processing purchase orders. We are now almost 100 percent paperless. We can see our budgets as we make approvals, set up specific approval chains and have a full audit trail to see every action taken from requisition through to invoice. We know exactly how much we are spending at any given moment in a month.”

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Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

ExpenseWatch is incredibly easy to use. We can get our hands on data within seconds, which is important to stay on top of spending. The turnaround time for getting things processed and approved has helped us build better working relationships with our employees and vendors.”

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Capstone Logistics

The value we get from ExpenseWatch is tremendous. I’ve used other systems that charge per transaction and I was never sure what each monthly fee would be. With ExpenseWatch, staff can submit as many expense reports, purchase requisitions and invoices they need to throughout a month and our charges remain the same. This is a great savings for us, as most of our expense report submitters file weekly.”

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Solairus Aviation

We wanted a product that could stand on its own and work with our other systems. We chose ExpenseWatch because we felt it offered the best solution that would grow with us over the long term.”

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International Advertising Bureau

The implementation and training process with the ExpenseWatch Customer Satisfaction team was efficient and employees were up and running quickly. We’ve been a customer for just under a year, and so far customer support has been great.”

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American Medical Technologies

The expense reporting process is so simple, it’s almost laughable,” said Misty Vaughn, vice president of clinical operations for American Medical Technologies. “I name my trip in TripIt, which feeds into the business purpose on my expense report. With so much information being pre-populated as I drag and drop items onto my report, I can complete line items in seconds, cutting the time it takes for me to create expense reports in half or more.”


Detroit Institute of Arts

One of the main factors contributing to the new processes and procedures was the need for greater visibility into spending and access to necessary information in a timely manner. With ExpenseWatch, financial processes have been improved through appropriately structured processes for purchasing goods and services, enhanced budget oversight and management, and increased visibility through control and reporting.”

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Delta Dental of Wisconsin, Inc.

By automating our purchasing, invoicing and expense reporting processes, we have empowered our managers to easily track and manage spending. Everyone is on board with the system, from end users who submit expense reports and purchase requisitions all the way to our external auditors who can see, with just a few mouse clicks, the extent of our internal controls.”

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Education Dynamics

With ExpenseWatch, managing travel expenses is the one area we don’t worry about. We know the numbers are right and that everything has been coded correctly before it hits our accounting system. What’s more, we can see right away if spending is over budget.”

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Gaming Laboratories International, Inc.

We can now see obligations before they become obligations, and we know what we owe before we owe it. It’s a truly positive thing.”


TM Forum

Adopting the ExpenseWatch system was definitely a step in the right direction for TM Forum. It has been a good fit and a real luxury to have the ability to operate on a system that can change along with us.”


The fact that the ExpenseWatch system was designed by accounting professionals is apparent and certainly helps.”


Thermal Ceramics

We used to use Excel spreadsheets in which everything was entered manually. This was very time consuming for accounting and it was hard to track data in real time. Simply put, things are just faster now.”

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