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Organizational Motivations to Change Spending Processes

Without an automated system to control spending, you have little or no ability to actively manage company spending. You are often left hoping that decisions to spend money remain within budget and in compliance with company policies.

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Companies are motivated to change spending processes primarily by these three opportunities:


Automation – Save Time and Money

Manual processes for creating and approving expense reports, purchase orders and invoices are time-consuming and costly. Spending information is difficult to compile, policies are hard to implement and enforce and fraud is harder to catch.


Visibility – Know Who Is Spending What, with Whom, When

Visibility into all spending ensures you can see and respond to requests and commitments before money goes out the door. This visibility means you can manage to your budgets and stop requests before overspending can occur.


Control – Policy Enforcement and Approval Workflows

Paper-based processes make it much more difficult to enforce company spending policies, if you have even established them yet, and to ensure that the right people are reviewing and approving expense reports, purchase requests and invoices.

ExpenseWatch empowers you to Spend with Confidence. You know your spending processes are as efficient as possible. What’s more, you gain visibility into spending and can institute the level of policy enforcement you require.

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